My blog draws from my over 35 years of counseling experience helping thousands of individuals and families, combined with research and my own personal involvement of over 30 years as a member of a 12-step program (for families of alcoholics.) I have learned a great deal, professionally and personally from the many clients I have interacted with. It is a profound privilege and honor to have another person share their story with you. As I research for my writings I also continue to learn and grow. I have been published in numerous professional publications and quoted in many newspapers. I had taught graduate and undergraduate level college courses for 16 years. I had been a presenter at three or the first four Joint Meetings on Adolescent Treatment Effectiveness (JMATE) national conferences in Washington, DC. For many years, my family and I have vacationed at a YMCA Family Camp where I emcee the camper talent show and do stand-up comedy. At times, some of that humor creeps into my writing in an attempt to lighten serious content as well as to use it as a teaching tool.

Jerry Manney, M.S., LADCI